Make the Most of Your Internet Connection

One of the biggest annoyances of this day and age when it comes to modern technology is an Internet connection that is not being maximized to its full ability. Nothing gets us tapping our fingers out of our own impatience more than slow download times and sluggish page loads. There is hope, though! With a little inquiry, it is easy to manage your own bandwidth and use it to its full capacity (without even having to call your Internet service provider!).

One of the easiest ways to make sure your connection is running at its optimum speed is to make sure you have an up-to-date malware protection program installed on your computer. Malware eats up bandwidth and thus slows download time. Ensure that your device is protected against malware.  It is also wise to avoid off-brand free-share and download sites. Always check sites that may contain unwanted add-ons (viruses) that may damage your computer or disrupt your software.  Keeping current and updated anti-spyware and firewall programs on your computer is a good tactic in keeping your internet speed running at its largest capacity, but having too many programs blocking the same sites can slow down your speed as well, so it is smart to keep one comprehensive program that can perform all of those tasks at once.

The browser you use is also an important factor in the speed of your download time. A proficient tool in increasing your Internet speed is Internet Cyclone, and may be used as a browser inside of a browser that disables pages from loading with images, decreasing the time it takes to download the page. If you are using Internet Explorer or Firefox as your browser of choice, downloading Google Web Accelerator is a useful tool that is meant to speed up broadband connections, it may also slow the connection, though, so testing it on your device would be a good option to see what works best for you. If you are using Firefox specifically, the Fasterfox extension and Firetune are great accelerators for maximizing your download speed. Google Chrome has also proven itself to be an efficient browser, with quick download times and concise connections.

Among all of the tricks of the trade, making sure that you are operating with updated software is probably the best tactic you can use when optimizing your broadband connection. Having up-to-date software that is created to run at quicker speeds while taking up less space optimize your connectivity while not fully occupying your system. All in all, system maintenance and upkeep is the best bet when troubleshooting Internet connectivity.

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