Battle of the Bandwidth

We’ve all been there. We’ve all been that frustrated customer gritting our teeth to the ever-ongoing cheesy elevator music while we curse the name of AT&T or Comcast or whichever other big-wig Internet service provider as we’re on hold wondering why the hell we can’t get Netflix to load quickly (hey, our shows are important…totally worth cursing a big bad corporate name over). We’ve all been that poor sap on hold for hours on end as we imagine someone in a stuffy cotton button-down with their feet kicked up on the desk laughing and eating a hot dog as the phone blinks on and on while our palms get sweaty and we are borderline cardiac arrest all red-in-the-face (maybe just me? Was it the hot dog reference? I digress…).

The point I’m making is, that we have all been in a position where our importance as valued customers has been diminished by Big Corporate. We’ve played the Weakest Link phone game, where only the die-hards who’s phone battery-lifetime could last through the next ice age win the affections of our Internet service providers. What? That is so absurd. This is where shopping local saves our blood pressure levels.

Now, I know most people will go with a big name-brand Internet service provider like AT&T or Comcast because it has been around for a long time and the name is a buzz-word, but there is value in finding a local Internet service provider that you may not realize from the get-go. Many local ISP’s have been around just as long as some of their corporate competitors, AND they provide better service.  Did you know that in 2010, Comcast had to re-brand their digital service as “Xfinity” to steer clear of poor public perception and bad customer service reviews? Let’s get real, quality speaks louder than a brand. I guarantee, you wouldn’t keep long-distance dating a celebrity if every time you wanted to talk, they put you through a confusing process to talk to them and then kept you on hold for hours while they talked to all of their other suitors before you. No, the girl next door is much nicer, like she answers when you call her. And she has cookies.


Though some technology may not be as up-to-date or unexplored due to smaller budgets (which is really the only downside to choosing a local ISP, if you would call that a downside), the value in acquiring personal service by far can outweigh more modern toys.  In choosing a local ISP, you are provided with hands-on support, faster resolution to issues, and personal customer service (many local ISP’s know their customers name, issue, and resolution before they ever answer the phone!).  Rather than fighting through the hold time, you are presented with accessible customer service with all the same price value and bundling options as Big Corporate.

All I’m saying is: do yourself (and the Internet) a favor. Shop Local.

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