Protect Your Business Assets

I am sitting at my desk this morning kicking off the New Year, well actually month two of it and like you, our business has plans, goals if you will, that we want to see accomplished in 2014. Over the last 19 years however, I have witnessed, on numerous occasions, businesses having their momentum slowed or stopped due to preventable network circumstances that interfere with those plans. Whether these issues are virus attacks, undelivered mail or oh soooooo slow performance, in every instance these interruptions could have been avoided with very little investment and a bit of training.

Here are a few tips that will reduce network downtime and when done correctly will eliminate these frustrating distractions:

  1. Anti-Virus software, while not the cure all everyone thinks, without out which your network is virtually doomed. Simply purchasing Anti-Virus software is not enough, like all technology it must be updated routinely and managed in order to be effective.
  2. SPAM protection is another must, it reduces the possibility of having your network hijacked and blocks phishing attempts from being delivered to your employees inboxes. With SPAM protection added to your company’s email it reduces the amount that has to be sifted through each day, therefore your business can utilize their payroll dollars more effectively. This is HUGE!
  3. Content Security, most commonly referred to as Content Filtering, allows your business the freedom to create the culture it wants, while protecting you from security, network, and productivity threats.

Our companies depend on their computer networks everyday to conduct their business. If our networks do not function correctly, it is difficult to perform responsibilities and provide services to our clients. To keep a business network operating efficiently, just like a car, it has to be maintained. When it’s not, the costs are not just the repairs. There is lost time, missed deadlines, stress, angry customers, and the extra costs.

2014, like each New Year is full of opportunities! From a computing perspective, businesses will continue to deal with increased threats being launched against networks, individual computers and mobile devices. Insure that you are doing everything you can do to protect your customers’ information. Don’t end up the target as Target® recently did. Not only does this create mayhem for customers affected it also casts a shadow upon your company to others.

Let “Our IT Department” become “Your IT Department”. We have the knowledge, tools and staff to make sure that your business is protected in the most effective way possible. As we grow in this technology-based world don’t allow your company to fall behind. “Our IT Department” will make sure your company is a leader in its industry.