Tecinfo Communications RDOF Fiber Project

Our parent company, TecInfo Communications, is proud to have won the opportunity, to build and operate a fiber network, through portions of Sunflower, Bolivar and Washington Counties. This funding will enable TecInfo to build approximately 650 miles of fiber, primarily underground, providing access to Internet technologies to businesses and residents within these areas. The project will be funded over a 10 year period, with construction expected to be completed within 6 years. Service offerings will include several tiers of Internet Service up to 1 Gb, Phone and Clear Channel TV service. All of these services are available to our current Fiber and Wireless customers today. Lifeline service , which provides lower cost phone and Internet service for qualified participants, will also be available within select areas.From the outset, we felt that the RDOF Auction, which stands for Rural Digital Opportunities Fund, lined up with what our mission has been from the beginning of our operations. Provide stable, dependable Internet Connectivity, to our areas of service, at affordable prices. This Auction was specifically designed to target rural parts of America, in order to foster education and business growth, create remote employment opportunities and move, in our case, the Mississippi Delta region, a step closer, to truly closing the Digital Divide, something that many living in rural America, struggle with today.We expect to see Business, Health Care and Agricultural Technology, along with remote education opportunities for children and adults to thrive.Service rates, Maps of the construction area, construction & service updates along with sign up instructions will be made available on our website @ www.tecinfo.net.

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