Dedicated Bandwidth

Dedicated bandwidth is reserved for one subscriber; your connection is yours and yours alone.  This ensures that you always get the same high rate of throughput, no matter what other any other subscribers may be doing, without any drop in speed at peak times.  You can use 100% of your bandwidth at all times, you always get the speed you’re paying for, and you aren’t affected by network congestion.  Dedicated bandwidth is often symmetrical, meaning that the connection can send and receive data at the same speed.

Businesses can benefit from dedicated bandwidth in lots of ways.  A dedicated connection can save you money, increase efficiency, reduce headaches, and generally make your business run more smoothly.  Here are a few of the main benefits of dedicated bandwidth.

Faster connections mean more productivity – With dedicated bandwidth, web pages will load faster, and hosted applications will respond quickly.  The more easily your employees can get to what they need, the more efficiently they can do their jobs.

Streamline and consolidate IT resources – With fast dedicated connections between locations, you can share IT resources over the network instead of using local servers in each office.  With less actual hardware, your network will be more manageable, needing less time and resources to maintain.

Faster backup and recovery – Dedicated bandwidth can offer faster backups with less down time.  When backups aren’t such a hassle, they can be done more often, so you have a better disaster recovery plan.  And if you do need to recover information, it can be done quickly and easily.

There are many more benefits of using a dedicated connection, especially when combined with VoIP service.  Why not look into dedicated bandwidth and see how it can help your business?

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