Are you backing up your Office 365? (Probably not)

By: Kaleb Brown

When purchasing Office 365, you’ve probably been under the impression that your information is safe and secure. You pay a monthly (or annual) fee for this service and you’ve never noticed anything missing so is it safe to assume it is being backed up? Short answer – No.

In the case that you were missing a document or an important email, where would you begin to look for it? Would you contact Microsoft directly or just hope that it reappears? It’s completely online in the cloud so surely it’s backed up, right?

Although it may seem like your 365 is being backed up somewhere somehow, unfortunately that isn’t the case. Office 365 is secure but your data isn’t being backed up in a way that most organizations require. Usually, there’s only a 30 day retention period built in. It’s not like if you accidentally delete something, you can restore it using Recycle Bin. Once the data is gone, it is gone.

If you’re weary of losing access to crucial data, you’re not alone. Compliance is one of the key reasons behind the adoption of Office 365 backup for many organizations.

One in 3 companies report losing SaaS data in the cloud, and of those companies, 64% admit to losing data due to user error. While Office 365 is a powerful cloud-based tool, it lacks the essential ability to protect your critical data from loss due to user mistakes, malicious behavior, or sync errors.

To meet compliance requirements and ensure business continuity, it’s your responsibility to protect your corporate data. Microsoft doesn’t provide the ability to recover data that has been accidentally or maliciously deleted or corrupted, and while it provides a recycle bin, it’s short-term solution. When data is deleted from Office 365 Exchange, it is deleted forever. In short, Microsoft cannot protect your data from you.

That’s where Our IT Department can help.

Our IT Department offers a reliable and trusted SaaS application data backup and recovery solution. Our 365 Backup enables automated daily and on-demand backups, using Amazon S3 secure storage, to ensure that all historical versions of your Office 365 data—including emails, calendars, contacts, tasks, OneDrive Data, Sharepoint Sites —are safely stored and easily recoverable, even if Microsoft Azure is temporarily unavailable.

In just a few clicks or a quick phone call, Our IT Department can provide accurate, granular data restoration from any point in time.

Trust and transparency are critical to your cloud-to-cloud backup service. We know how critical data protection is to your business, so we’ve made it our top priority to provide a trustworthy product and service that is reliable, accurate, and transparent. Giving you meaningful insight into your data. Everything we do is focused on giving you piece of mind.

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