How Do I Choose the Best Local ISP

How Do I Choose the Best Local ISP? When shopping around for local Internet service, it often means that a customer will compare several different companies.  Initially, it is wise for the customer to decide if they want a dial-up connection or broadband services. When comparing local ISP’s, some contributing factors in a customer’s decision […]

Computer Security, Part 3

Keeping Your Business Computer Safe and Secure Our IT Department wants to make sure that your business information is safe from attacks. In our ongoing efforts to keep you safe and secure online, we’ve talked about antivirus software and antispyware. Now, we’re going to look at a few more safety precautions you can take, and […]

Battle of the Bandwidth

We’ve all been there. We’ve all been that frustrated customer gritting our teeth to the ever-ongoing cheesy elevator music while we curse the name of AT&T or Comcast or whichever other big-wig Internet service provider as we’re on hold wondering why the hell we can’t get Netflix to load quickly (hey, our shows are important…totally […]

Make the Most of Your Internet Connection

One of the biggest annoyances of this day and age when it comes to modern technology is an Internet connection that is not being maximized to its full ability. Nothing gets us tapping our fingers out of our own impatience more than slow download times and sluggish page loads. There is hope, though! With a […]

Protect Your Business Assets

I am sitting at my desk this morning kicking off the New Year, well actually month two of it and like you, our business has plans, goals if you will, that we want to see accomplished in 2014. Over the last 19 years however, I have witnessed, on numerous occasions, businesses having their momentum slowed […]

Computer Services from Our IT Department

Our IT Department presents a new way of managing your computer systems. We offer a single point of contact for consulting, network management, systems integration, disaster recovery and repair of your infrastructure. Gone are the days of having a rolodex full of technical consultants to call when something goes wrong. Our IT Department offers data […]

Holiday Hours

Our IT Department will observe the following hours during the holiday: Christmas Eve:  8:00 AM CST to 12:00 PM CST Christmas Day:  Closed New Year’s Eve:  8:00 AM CST to 12:00 PM CST New Year’s Day:  Closed Regular business hours will resume on Thursday of each week. Wishing you and your family a Happy Holiday! […]

Computer Security 101, Part 2

Keeping Your Business Computer Safe and Secure We’re continuing our look at easy and inexpensive ways to keep your computer clean and in great shape. Last time, we discussed antivirus software (link). Today, we’re talking about the less obvious kinds of malware that can creep up every day. Antispyware Spyware and adware are some other […]

Computer Security 101 Part 1

Keeping Your Busines Computer Safe and Secure It’s a simple truth that there is danger in the world. We’ve been taught our whole lives how to deal with danger in the physical world, but the world of the Internet is still young and new, and we’re making up the protections as we find new dangers. […]

Customer Service Problem Solving

The truth is that a business isn’t a business unless they have business.  A customer base is the foundation of a business’ ability to operate and function. And chances are that if you are a business owner, you have experienced a dissatisfied customer once or twice or (realistically) multiple times (all the time). Now, the […]